How Nicholas Assef Negotiates for Clients

It has been said that Nicholas Assef’s negotiating style is very tenacious. That’s because he strives to employ innovative thinking to assist his clients to make their dreams come true. One innovation comes with his tendency to base clients’ investment strategies on “game theory.” He believes that employing such techniques makes him better able to provide the best advice and counsel to his clients.

It’s apparently worked, given that he now has a long and varied career that covers more than a quarter century. In that time, Nicholas Assef has proven himself to be one of the most dynamic and persuasive mergers and acquisitions investment bankers anywhere, but especially in the Australian and South East Asian markets. The founder of Lincoln Crowne & Company Pty. Limited, Nick’s approach to investment advice is based on his vast experience in a number of financial disciplines, especially mergers and acquisition and joint ventures, but including many more. He started this journey with an extensive education. He studied at Harvard Business School, the University of Rochester, Bond University Law School and the University of Technology Sydney. It is that education that he believes provided him with the knowledge he now employs as an exceptional negotiator.


The Nicholas Assef Advantage

Over a long 25-year career, Nicholas Assef has demonstrated a proven ability to be one of the most dynamic and persuasive mergers and acquisitions investment bankers in the Australian and South East Asian markets. A savvy negotiator, he likes to use strategies and tactics based on “game theory” when it comes to the negotiations with which he is involved. He likes to provide clients with something special through innovative thinking, deep commercial & financial judgment and clear independent advice and counsel.

He began to hone his skills through an impressive education, through Harvard Business School, where he earned a Post Graduate degree in Valuation and at the University of Rochester, where he earned a MBA. Nicholas Assef also spent some time as a corporate lawyer after earning a Bachelor of Law Honors degree from Bond University Law School and a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice from University of Technology Sydney. However, when he turned his attention to investment banking and founded Lincoln Crowne, that is when his career took off. And his clients have benefited from that decision ever since.

Lincoln Crowne & Company Is A Corporate Advisory Firm

Nick Assef is a businessman and entrepreneur who has served as the Chairman of Lincoln Crowne & Company. Assef is a leader who has helped to make Lincoln Crowne & Company the company that it is. He is proud of his leadership role with Lincoln Crowne & Company and the standards he has put on the company. Nick Assef has a unique understanding of the corporate world and it is displayed through his work with corporations on a daily basis.

Lincoln Crowne & Company is an independent corporate advisory firm that works with both domestic and international corporations. Their clients are consistently pleased with the outcomes Lincoln Crowne & Company are able to achieve. Regardless of the nature of the dispute or problem, Lincoln Crowne & Company is capable of providing high quality counsel on the subject.

Nick Assef is proud to say that no matter the size of the business, it’s location, or what industry it is active in, Lincoln Crowne & Company offers the same high quality services. Lincoln Crowne & Company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, but works with corporations from all over the world.

Lincoln Crowne & Company: Technical And Commercial Rigour

Lincoln Crown & Company is a company that consults with and advises corporate clients on how to provide their shareholders with more value over time. This means offering a consultative approach to building value for shareholders through the client’s strategic transaction. That includes background research, sound corporate advice, and financial modeling. This is the analytics part of the core service offerings that are proffered by Lincoln Crown & Company. They also offer access to high quality corporate strategy development. The clients who go to Lincoln Crowne & Company entrust the firm with work that requires considerable understanding of every engagement. They are proud that they bring a high level of technical and commercial rigour to every engagement as well. Developing and properly considering the concepts, strategies, commercial risks, and associated financial impacts are a key part of what makes Lincoln Crowne & Company so well respected.

Lincoln Crowne & Company also deals in mergers and acquisitions services. They have developed an impressive niche by working on complex engagements, even those most firms would find too challenging, in the emerging to middle market space. They have a wealth of experience in dealing with, and advising on, activist engagements. The company, founded in Sydney, Australia, by Nicholas Assef, now have operations in Hong Kong as well as affiliates in Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Boston, and Singapore.